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ASEAN's Silicon Valley

A full ecosystem for technology startups in Southeast Asia.

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What is ·TechGrind·?

TechGrind is ASEAN's Silicon Valley. A full ecosystem for technology startups in ASEAN.

  • ASEAN's Largest Startup Founder & Tech Community
  • Events, Workshops & Conferences
  • Investment Capital (pre-seed, seed, & series-A)
  • ASEAN's 1st Incubator Program
  • Multiple Accelerator Programs
  • Mentorship & Advisory
  • Professional Services (Legal, Finance, Corporate & more)

TechGrind Startups are fully supported in every sector of the ecosystem to build the global tech giants of Southeast Asia.
Local chapters of TechGrind around Southeast Asia are called "Hubs".

What does each ·TechGrind Hub· do?

Monthly Events

7 Monthly Event formats. Always FREE for startups. Each one designed to solve a specific problem for startup founders.

Quarterly Workshops

3 Weekend workshops, run every 3 months - providing intense practice, training & experience for investors, founders & talent.

Yearly Conferences

Valuable & prestigious yearly conferences for the growing tech industry in ASEAN.

Startup Offices & Coworking Spaces

The best & most cost-effective places to build successful startups. Multiple locations in town.

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